A day trip to York (UK)

Last week I had the most amazing day in York with my better half. We’ve both been so busy all term and had so much on that we haven’t seen each other nearly as much as we wanted to, and when we have been together we’ve been so tired we’ve slumped into a routine of binge watching and not much else.

We decided to spend a day in York, which is a beautiful city not far from our university, to spend some quality time together and explore some more of the world.

We walked along the wall,

13553144_1117296994960439_1928845154_n    13522547_1117297528293719_1982968753_n

reading the information boards as we went, which were fascinating. We walked along the river,

13536055_1117296201627185_1580846318_n   13521031_1117296781627127_1796656330_n

caught a glimpse of the Minster,


and then up close,


And had a tour inside, which was really interesting. We saw the Clifford’s Tower, the keep of a Norman motte and bailey castle which was originally built under William I,


did some shopping, had some lovely food, and even made some new friends.

13551151_1117296581627147_164425122_n   13515382_1117319754958163_1574040912_n

It’s important to make time for the people you love, and even if a long, exotic or expensive trip isn’t on the cards, a day trip can do the world of good. Even just leaving the bubble I spend the majority of your life wrapped up in for a few hours made me feel more relaxed, happy, and glad that I live in such a beautiful world.


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